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French GP to go ahead after bank guarantee

After the announcement on the 5th of December that the French GP would return to the F1 calendar as of 2018 today see that confirmed for sure.

Up until today the event was agreed but not guaranteed as the finances for the five year contract where not fully in place. But as of today the finances for the race are now in place.

“December 5 was a historic date because that was when we announced the return,” said organiser and local politician Christian Estrosi.

“But this is another historic date, because now we can say ‘The return of the French grand prix is go!’

“We have just obtained the bank guarantee for the sustainability of our race with Credit Agricole Alpes-Provence”

“There was no viable grand prix without a bank guarantee, but it was accepted a few days ago,”

This means that the return will now go ahead with no worries. The Paul Ricard circuit is to host the race. The last time a French GP was held was at Mangy Cours in 2008 before financial issues blighted the circuit and promoters. Paul Ricard last hosted the French race in 1990 and there is many layouts to choose from however it is likely to be one of the versions that breaks up the 1.1 mile Minstral Straight rather than allowing the cars to run full chat for the entire length of the straight. The return also sees one of the first countries to host grand prix racing return to the calendar and thus increase the number of historic countries hosting events during the F1 season.

Andrew Campbell

Photo Credit: autosport.com


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