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A games event unveils the 911 GT2 RS!

For the first time in history a brand new supercar gets its world debut not at an international auto show but at E3. For those that don’t know E3 is the world’s biggest game conference where all the latest in games and consoles get reviled. This year at Microsoft’s big conference they released Forza 7, the latest driving simulator that promises real world dynamics engine, physics, and damage and deficiency. But in order while revealing the game they also revealed the new 911 GT2 RS, the biggest 911 hype since the new GT3 RS. They didn’t give us anything about the stats but we can confirm it will have the same 3.8litre twin turbo flat 6 from the Turbo S and will produce around 643bhp. For now, let’s look at the car more and as you can see there’s wider front grills, wider tyres and a bigger spoiler all to make this beat the Huracan performante and every other supercar round the track!

Euan Campbell

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