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GP2 Series is set to be rebranded as Formula 2 following the recent takeover of Liberty Media from CVC who owned Formula 1, GP2 and GP3. The rebrand is set to be announced before the start of the 2017 GP2 Series which once again starts in Bahrain on April 14th for Qualifying but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. This alleged rebrand shouldn’t change the structure of GP2 but who knows if the structure will change in years to come. There is no news if there is going to be a rebrand of GP3.

This years calendar is very similar to 2016’s with the only change being Jerez replacing Malaysia for Round 10. This is the first time that GP2 will race around Jerez with the Spanish track being used as a testing facility in the past. Bahrain will replace Jerez for the 2nd test of the year with the 1st test still being at Catalunya. Cars will roll out of the garages for the first time on March 13th where we will see early indications on who are going to be early title contenders.

Image: www.gp2series.com

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