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Griiip G1 Powered by Aprilia Racing

This is the brand new G1, which has been developed and innovated in Israel and built in Italy, all in association with Aprilia. They have brought new features and superior performance to what is already an established racing series, Formula 1000.













This beautiful car can be all yours for €52.900. With regards to performance and safety, this is one of the lightest of all race cars in the world, weighing in at just 390kg, thats even including fuel. The power to weight ratio of the G1 is simply astonishing, coupled together with it’s 1,000cc Aprilia engine and also the advanced aerodynamics make it a track animal. The impressive stats to the G1 don’t stop there, the safety features include front, rear and side crash structures, along with a 6 point harness, a removable fire extinguisher and also a removable steering wheel.

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