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Grosjean ‘Moaning’, Lucky To Be In F1, says Wolff

Romain Grosjean has become the latest driver to come under fire from the firey Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff. The Silver Arrows Team Principal lashed out at Grosjean for “moaning” excessively about Lewis Hamilton after qualifying.

Why was he “moaning”?

Grosjean claims the British 3-time world champion “blocked” him during a hot lap in the final session of qualifying for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. After the Brit was acquitted of any wrong-doing by the FIA stewards, the 31-year-old Frenchman even went as far as to say the FIA were lenient on Hamilton, just because he was in the championship fight. The Haas driver claimed that Hamilton imoeded him in the Club section at the end of the lap, and therefore lost out on his fastest lap in qualifying.

Toto fires back!

Mercedes Boss Wolff, 45, returned fire to Grosjean for his comments, claiming that the Frenchman is in no place to make those sorts of accusations to the rest of the grid, based on his own history in the sport. The Austrian was quoted as saying “there are some that moan all the time” and went on to call Grosjean out personally, by saying “If Romain Grosjean comes out and starts asking for penalties for other drivers, you should rather look at his track record.” Wolff went on to add that Grosjean “should be happy he is driving in F1.”

Wolff is eluding to the fact that Grosjean has a tempestuous past in formula 1, having been embroiled in plenty of incidents and controversy in his Formula 1 Career. His incident history even includes a one-race suspension, given at the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix after he was found to be the cause of a multi-car collision at Turn 1. He would also be involved in a controversial incident with Red Bull’s Mark Webber at the Japanese Grand Prix ¬†of the same season. An incident that was heavily condemned in the paddock by many of the grid, and prompted the Australian to brand the Frenchman “a first lap nutcase”.

Steiner backs his man

Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner has backed his French driver, claiming the the FIA stewards would not have been so understanding if the roles were reversed. The Boss of the American Team said “what would they have done if Romain had done that to Hamilton?” Steiner went on to explain that although it wouldn’t have changed Romain’s position, it should still be an equal call as if Grosjean had done it. He believed they would be penalised and would subsequently be sent to the back of the grid and lost valuable points.

The 52-year-old Italian also claimed that F1 is creating “two classes” with it’s penalty system, and that there is no consistency with sanctions. Finally claiming that penalties are always decided by “who is who” rather than an equal sanction for all drivers for similar incidents.

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