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Haas F1 unveils new livery

Haas yesterday unveiled an updated livery for their VF-17 car. The old livery saw a splash of red on the rear wing of the car and on the nose of the car, and with the Haas logo on the side pod. This has been replaced by a light grey. However, the red accent at the rear of the car remains.

Team principle Gunther Steiner hinted that this change has come about after the new regulations on the visibility of the number to help fans identify drivers. “”With the change in the size of the numbers and its positioning, we looked into making the entire car a little more visible.” Steiner also confirmed that the livery will be used for the raminder of the season. The new livery will debut at the Monaco GP.

The new regulations state the numbers have to be clearly visible and be at least 230mm high and about 40mm wide. The names or a drivers TLA on the external bodywork should be at least 150mm high, and at least 30mm wide. The drivers TLA for Haas will remain on the sharkfin.

Haas currently sit 8th in the championship. The team still trying to get on top of brake problems they have had this season.

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