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How is Halo the Best Option? Let Us Explain

Over the recent years there’s been a constant conflict on whether F1 needs a head protector. FIA is working ever since the Grand Prix Drivers Association demanded a cockpit enclosure in June 2016.

A month later after a series of conferences with the Strategy Group and F1 Commission,  the commission assured that 2017 onwards it would introduce some variety of cockpit protectors.
Talks over a cockpit protector started after the sad demise of the French driver Jules Bianchi after sustaining polytraumatic injuries at Suzuka GP in the year before.
The two devices tested in 2016 included the recently approved Halo and Aeroscreen which made it’s debut on a Red Bull in Russia. The two were tested rigorously over the weeks and results were astonishingly surprising!
The Halo outperformed Aeroscreen by the following measures :
  • In Car to Car contact Halo was able to withstand 15x the total mass of a F1 car.
  • In Car to Environment contact was able to protect the helmet from wall and barrier collision.
  • In external objects entering the cockpit,  Halo passed with a  distinction repelling most of them.
But doesn’t it obstruct a driver’s view? 
It doesn’t, infact from track testings it proved that the central strut of Halo didn’t affect visibility. Despite testing several times Halo stood out as the best option available. F1 Strategy Group still wanted to confirm on the decision,  hence it asked for Halo to be tested continously with different procedures each time to find solutions to every possible objection.
With the tests being performed the F1 Commission and the Strategy Group were reassured of the Halo to be the best option. Upon season start with the 2017 car it was agreed upon implementing Halo 2018 onwards while the testings were still being followed.
At British Grand Prix, the Halo was put upon Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari and final checks were done with the system. Finally,  the FIA reassured with multiple testings announced that Halo was to officially make its debut in the world series 2018 onwards. The GPDA backed the decision from the governing body with affirmative answers from most of the F1 drivers.
(Image: Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
  • The Image shown on Social Media depicting the visibility to be a big concern was taken from the on-board gyroscopic camera, it does not show driver’s view.
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