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In recent days, it was announced that the Halo would be introduced to Formula 1 despite 9 of the 10 teams rejecting the idea and most fans hating the idea of the Halo. However, does the Halo provide an opportunity for teams in the aero department and provide an advantage to a team who gets it all right?

With the Halo, you will provide more drag with your car because you will now have an extra object in the way of the cars airflow. There isn’t many things that teams could possibly do but they will probably not keep the halo as it looks now on the 2017 F1 cars but instead add some bodywork around the halo to make it look more wanted on an F1 car and to please the fans a little bit better by making them look less out of its comfort zone.

But with these bodywork parts, will the stronger teams like Mercedes or Ferrari gain even more of an advantage over the rest of the pack? Ferrari could because they were alleged to be the team that was only in favour for the Halo plus they have done a bit of track testing with the Halo already which could prove vital data for the guys back at Maranello.

If you can master the aerodynamics that the Halo brings, then you will gain a lot on your rivals because it is not like an engine upgrade where you can just gain along a straight line, but instead you will gain along the straights because you are causing less drag to your car but as well as that, you will create more downforce which should help get your car faster around the corners. Plus, because the Halo won’t be too expensive, all teams should be able to do what they want to do with how they want to style their car around the Halo without worrying about budgets or other parts that are under performing on their car.

All of this could benefit teams such as McLaren who have had a Honda engine that has compromised them for 3 years now even though their chassis is believed to be one of the best on the grid. So, if they gain an advantage with the Halo because they have great designers at Woking who will find any tenth of a second at any cost, could we see McLaren starting to rise back to the top of Formula One.

On the other hand though, the Halo might not provide much of an advantage to teams because everyone or most teams could go one way with the design around the Halo like the T-Wings this year which some teams designed in pre season but then every team had them on their car by the start of the season cancelling everyone out. So who knows whether this will provide a shake up of the 2018 grid but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

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