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Hamilton sees no problem with new Halo

Lewis Hamilton insists that he can see just fine with the Halo protection that he had fitted to his car during Free Practice at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton stated at the start of the season following Ferrari’s trial of the Halo concept, that it was “the worst-looking modification in Formula One history.”

“I would prefer not to have that on my car” Hamilton continued.

However, in a recent back track following the Hungarian Grand Prix, the three-time World Champion changed his mind and no longer questions its potential introduction in the 2018 season.

“I barely noticed it, apart from in the garage when I could not see the TV (timing) screen”

“It blocks the mirror a bit but going forward I did not notice it.”

Kimi Raikkonen testing the Halo protection in pre-season testing at Barcelona

Hamilton though, is not the only driver to have tested the concept. With a host of names on the grid having now tested the prospective head protection, it seems more and more likely that it will be pushed through to become customary to have the Halo on every car from 2018 and on.

Lewis Hamilton felt confident enough to run it this weekend if the FIA were to permit it, but the Halo concept is still in testing and will not be introduced until 2018 at the earliest.

Joe Clark


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