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Hembery predicts ‘non-stop’ races.

Pirelli’s Motorsport director Paul Hembery has said that drivers could go the entire race without stopping, Pirelli have been asked to produce more durable tyres because of the increased speed from the 2017 cars.

Hembery believes that teams could make a mandatory stop on first or last lap of the race, this is a change in philosophy from the Italian supplier after they have been asked to make degrading tyres since joining Formula 1.

The one-stop strategy could be the norm in Formula 1 expect from extreme temperatures or wet weather. A one-stop strategy could make less exciting racing and fewer overtakes but with more challenging cars, drivers will face the demands of faster cornering speeds and gripper tyres.

Pirelli are eager to work with Liberty Media to make exciting racing, but the tyres had to be changed to meet the demands of the new cars. The Italian tyre manufacturer are the sole tyre supplier for Formula 1 and Hembery does not want a tyre war because he sees teams are more focused on the development of power units.

This year is Pirelli’s first year of their latest three-year deal as Formula One’s tyre supplier but heading into the future they could be a demand for drivers to exploit more durable tyres. Liberty Media could have a big impact on the future of Pirelli in Formula One and how they produce tyres.

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