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Honda insist they are 100 percent committed to McLaren.

Honda have insisted they are 100 percent committed to working with McLaren after suffering a dreadful pre-season test in Barcelona.

Speculation has swirled that McLaren have approached Mercedes over an engine deal but the Japanese manufacturer looks to continue their partnership with the British team.

McLaren-Honda have been plagued with unreliability with the power unit, leading to the question that McLaren could break their contract with Honda.

Honda F1 chief Yusuke Hasegawa has said that he understands the team are going through a difficult time but insists that the team are looking forward to the future and hoping that the relationship can be rebuilt.

Hasegawa continues to say that the priority is to keep communicating with McLaren and their engine supplier, to keep strengthening their relationship.

Regarding McLaren’s enquiry into an engine deal with Mercedes, it seems unlikely as it is too close to the start of the season and with McLaren publicly saying they would win races if they had a Mercedes engine. It seems unlikely that Mercedes would supply an engine to one of their closest rivals.

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