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Infiniti Q60 Black S – The Eau Rouge’s (Very Techy) Successor At Last?

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge was a thing of pure and utter bliss. A 500+ HP GTR-engined super saloon with looks to kill and enough tech on board to launch a space shuttle. It inched nearer to production (where it would have been pitted against the likes of the Audi RS4/RS6) but was eventually cancelled. Boo.

But now, we appear to be seing a return of sorts. This time, based on the 2-door Q60. Sharper, edgier appearance, a killer engine, and an awesome name. Enter, Q60 Black S.

Courtesy of Autocar

Using a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS to you and I) to recover energy from the brakes, this hybrid system boosts the AWD coupĂ©’s V6 powerplant to 500HP, from the already plentiful 400HP unit from the top of the range Q60 road car. With its ‘function ahead of form’ aero kit, it sure seems to have the road-holding to match its supercar slaying straight line performance, too.

Courtesy of The Independent

As you might have guessed, this system is being developed by Renault and Infiniti’s F1 engineers, so anything short of perfect will be unacceptable. 0-60 times will plummet from the – still blisteringly quick – 5 seconds flat to perhaps low 4s, thanks to the instant acceleration from the electric drivetrain.

Courtesy of Road & Track

Infiniti have not comfirmed whether or not you’ll be able to go and simply purchase a Black S from your local dealership, or if the car will even make it to production. At least we know that, if it doesn’t, it will be up in car heaven alongside its savage brother, the Q50 ER.

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