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Is there too much technology in Formula One?

Ever since the huge engine regulation change Formula One underwent in 2014 their has been a significant increase on the amount of technology that is in a Formula one car.

The previous generation of Cars prior to the 2014 regulation changes were realatevly simple, a normally aspirated V8 engine with a standardised Kers unit, there were some great races back in 2012/13 and many teams were competitive although Red Bull was the most competitive.

When the engines were swapped from the normally aspirated V8 to the hybrid V6 Power Unit, it left many fans disillusioned with such a dramatic change, the main difference between the two engine Formula is the sound, the earth shattering V8 sound was replaced by the less exciting sound of the V6 Power Unit.

The Brake by wire system was also introduced in 2014 which left many fans confused. ┬áMany driver’s most notably Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel struggled to get to grips with the new braking system.

As a show Formula one has arguably lost out since the introduction of the Power Units and this is mainly because drivers can no longer push themselves to the limit because of saving tyres, engine and fuel consumption, compare this to the peak of the V10 era of 2004/05 where drivers were flat out for the whole race.

It is frustrating not being able to see the best drivers in the world push themselves to the absolute limit, this is what many fans want to see and having the drivers physically challenged will make them look like Gladiators, therefore adding a wow factor to the sport.

There is hope that the new faster, wider 2017 cars will provide more of a physical challenge to the driver’s. Judging from the first pre-season test at Barcelona it looks like they will be able to push themselves much harder than what they have been able to in the last few seasons.

In the long term Formula One has to look at it’s long term future and make a decision on whether having these power units and complicated technology really is sustainable.

With Ross Brawn and Liberty Media now at the helm hopefully the right decisions will be made and Formula one will regain its wow factor that once made it so great.


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