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Jeff Smith to undergo further surgery

It has been announced to today that following the major accident at Croft earlier in the year, Eurotech driver and owner Jeff Smith is to undergo specialist shoulder surgery.

The qualifying incident at Croft June which resulted in three BTCC drivers being airlifted to hospital, left Jeff Smith with a long list of injuries including nine broken ribs and a severely damaged shoulder. Since the incident, Jeff Smith has handed driving duties to his son Brett and has been seen in the paddock at race weekends giving what support he can, but he is still suffering the effects of the incident.

An official report from Eurotech Racing has been released stating that Jeff with undergo keyhole surgery in October in an effort to repair his shoulder, but the nerve damage will take a considerable amount of time to heal.

Also concerning is the after effects of the concussion he suffered through the multiple impacts in the incident, combined withdrawal from months of heavy medication, which has left him still unable to concentrate for extended periods of time. This would be difficult for anyone, but for a team owner mid-season it must be particularly hard.

With the long term damage done by this terrible freak accident are we likely to see Brett Smith in the Eurotech Honda again next season? Smith junior has taken well to the car and the series, already gaining points while also continuing to race in the Mini Challenge Championship and taking this year’s title. There is no doubting that Brett is a talented driver, and if his father is not able to get back in the car next season it would be nice to still have a Smith on the grid.


Also involved in the Croft incident, Aron Taylor-Smith was back racing by Snetterton, having recovered very well from a leg fracture. Luke Davenport, like Jeff Smith, is still recovering after multiple serious injuries including a broken pelvis and punctured lung. Most recently, Luke was seen at Rockingham with Motorbase Performance, showing that he is on the mend but has a way to go yet.


Everyone at L & T Motorsport wishes Jeff Smith and Luke Davenport a speedy recovery from their injuries.

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