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Joylon Palmer retained by Renault for 2017

It was today confirmed that Joylon Palmer has been retained by Renault for the 2017 season, and will be teaming up with former Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg.
Palmer has had a difficult season at Renault. The car hasn’t been very competitive. This comes down to the fact the Renault takeover left little time to develop from the 2015. As a result Palmer has only scored a solitary point. His outgoing teammate Magnussen has scored seven. He hasn’t had the best time in qualifying either, struggling at times to make it out of Q3. He also has had a few incidents, including him crashing at Monaco and him spinning out in Hungary from a points position. However, a recent improvement in form and more consistency in getting more solid results persuaded the French marque to retain the Briton for a second season.
Magnussen looks to be on the verge of signing with Haas, replacing Esteban Guiterrez, while another candidate Esteban Ocon is rumoured to have signed a deal with Force India, replacing the outgoing Hulkenberg. These deals involving Magnussen and Ocon paved way for Palmer to retain his seat.

This means that there are four spots yet to be filled on the 2016 grid, both of them with backmarker teams Sauber and Manor. Sauber, despite saying that they want talent, look like they will be keeping Ericsson and Nasr for next season. Neither driver managed to find another drive despite talks with multiple teams. 

Manor look poised to retain Wehrlein, who seems to have missed his opportunity with Force India . Haryanto and Jordan King both look to be in contention for the other Manor seat. Haryanto believes there is a 50/50 chance of him returning to the team as a race driver. King on the otherhand has been taken part in FP1 in Austin, which could suggest that he could be running with the team next season.
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