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Lamborghini’s new SUV is finally here!

Off course this isn’t the first time Lamborghini have made an SUV attempt, the last one was that big LM-002 that looked like something Mr T should drive! So the 2nd time round have Lamborghini cracked it? well by looks I certainly think they have! It’s called the Urus yes named after another long list of endless bull names. It has a bold menacing stance, with huge arches, massive 23inch alloys with the biggest carbon ceramic brakes ever fitted to a production car, it has a round coupe’ish rear end like the BMW X6, but it’s much more aggressive with massive rear quad tailpipes, huge sweeping taillights and in SUV terms it sits relatively low.

Now the big boasting part of the Urus is the power terrain with a 4.0litre twin turbo V8 making 650bhp and a 0-62mph time of 3.6 seconds making it the fastest SUV ever with a top speed of almost 190mph, it off course is 4-wheel drive with advance torque vectoring system with 6 driving modes, “STRADA” street mode for the town and the motorways, “TERRA” off-road yes it can apparently do that, “NEVE” snow mode for those pesky swiss mountain ski passes, “SPORT” for the B-roads and twistys, “CORSA” race mode for eh the race track??  after all this is known as a super SUV and “SABBIA” sand mode for those Abu Dhabi detours to Yas Marina, you know so you can then engage Corsa!, it also has 4-wheel steer adapted from the Aventador S.

Lamborghini say it will still sound like a raging full on bull itching to go and follow that red flag! as I said the stopping power is immense and the aluminium chassis makes the urus weigh just 2,200kg making it relatively light for it’s size! The interior is very plush with screens and TFT dials straight from the new Audi A8 making the Urus jam packed with tech that would make any teenage kid excited and content! The cost for the worlds fastest SUV? £131,500 starting in the UK, $200,000 in USA and €171,429 in Europe, not overly expensive considering the Bentley Bentagya costs well over £200,000 starting!

Euan Campbell

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