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Lee Pattison wins race two

Starting on pole, Max Coates hoped for a repeat of race one but it was not to be. He held the lead barely to Yentwood before going wide and allowing Lee Pattison and Mike Bushell to get by.

Max Coates did not give up and although at one point he was back in fifth, he was able to recover to third. He then had quite a fight with Mike Bushell over second place, allowing Lee Pattison to give himself a lead of over a second to keep him out of trouble.

Mike Bushell was able to hold on to second and try to close the gap with Lee Pattison. He did make up space in the last few laps but could not quite get close enough to try for an overtake. Rather than being Mike Bushell improving his lap times however, the closing of the gap was attributed to a couple of errors on Lee Pattison’s part. First, Lee made a slight mistake at Brook, then he misread a pitboard. Thinking he had only one lap remaining, Lee gave himself a steady lap, only then realise he still had another lap to go. Fortunately for Lee, it was not too costly a mistake.

Further back in the pack, Paul Rivett did not quite seem to be able to find his pace, gaining only one place to finish in seventh.

Nic Hamilton had a bad second race, needing to make a pitstop early on and falling two laps behind, but once again all the cars finished.

After the opening rounds of the season being so eventful with multi car smashes and rolls, it seems the racers have all settled in for some close but clean racing to close out the year.


Overall Standings:

After this race, Mike Bushell’s championship lead has been reduced to 82 points, having begun the weekend 98 points in the clear. Unless his luck turns very sour at Silverstone Mike is still on to take the title, even if Dave Newham’s record remains unbeaten.

The gap from second to fourth is now down to only twenty points, with Lee Pattison, Paul Rivett and Max Coates all performing well and closely matched.



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