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Could London really host a Grand Prix?

Liberty Media’s takeover has prompted the speculation of a London Grand Prix, the new F1 owners have visions on a Grand Prix around the historic streets of the capital.

It could be an attractive idea for the F1 calendar, as attendance has dropped in recent years, a race in the capital could bring back the spice and excitement of F1 from the past.

Whether it is possible is another question, but Formula E has already managed to host a race in the capital, so anything is possible.

Liberty Media have already promised that each race will be on the grand scale as a super bowl, London could be the perfect destination to show a new generation of fans what F1 can really do.

The London GP has been wanted by fans to host a race for many years and Liberty Media have announced that it could be a possibility.

Silverstone have hosted the British GP for over 20 years but replacing it with London could ruin the spectacle of the British GP, as street circuit sometimes lack excitement and overtaking.

The British GP is a staple of the F1 calendar but has been at risk of losing the privilege of hosting the race, London could be an alternative or could join Silverstone on the calendar.

Liberty Media’s chief executive Chase Carey wants to improve the commercial spectacle of F1, by improving the overall weekend with music and performances. The whole weekend is centred around the race but Carey wants to attract a new generation of fans with music and other exciting ventures.

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