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A Look Back: Senna’s First Race Win (VIDEO)

With the Summer break now underway, we thought we could help quench your thirst for action by taking a trip back to the one of the golden ages of racing;


Senna: The name alone conjures up thoughts of the Brazilian’s countless Pole positions, race wins and world championships. The Formula 1 career of Ayrton Senna began in his home country, at the 1984 Grand Prix in Rio De Janeiro. This was cut short after just 8 laps when his Toleman’s Hart turbo blew.

It took until the 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix for Senna to bag his first race win. He had already put his Lotus in the top spot in qualifying, but it was the rain that followed on Sunday that helped him dominate the 67-lap race start to finish. It was clear the then-25 year old Brazilian was going to dominate the race after 10 laps, when he had already pulled 13 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack.


Drivers dropped lap by lap, with 15 drivers, including Lauda, Piquet, Rosberg and Berger to name a few retired by lap 50. Senna was given a message from the Race Director 4 laps before the scheduled 70 that it would be the last of the race. The rain and numerous retirements had caused proceedings to encroach on the 2 hour limit, and the race was halted, with Senna the eventual winner.


It was a performance worthy of the legend he became, with Pole, Fastest Lap and, of course, the Win all in the bag. The gap between him and the second placed Michele Alboreto of Ferrari was a staggering 1:02.978. A huge margin of victory.


We all know now the heights Senna’s career would reach, and this was just the start.

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