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Looking Ahead to Canada

The Canadian Grand Prix has thrown up its fair share of thrilling races throughout its time on the Formula One calendar, such as Button’s win in 2011 or when Lewis Hamilton scored his first F1 victory in 2007.

At the front of the grid, if Ferrari are to take another win, it could seal their status as the favourites to go on and win both the Constructor’s and Driver’s world titles for 2017. Their strong start to the season has led bosses at Mercedes to claim that Ferrari are the favourites. Their strong 1-2 finish in Monaco last race, helped pull a lead over Mercedes, and helped Vettel to pull a gap to nearest competitor, Lewis Hamilton. The former will be hoping that the seagulls steer clear of the track this year too.

Vettel’s race hampered by┬áseagulls in 2016.

Another question raised is from the last Grand Prix is how Raikkonen will suffer as second driver in the Ferrari Formula One team. His performances compared to Vettel have been poor, with Vettel dominating his team mate. He is already 62 points ahead of Raikkonen, with the latter in fourth position, only 15 points ahead of the under-performing Red Bull.

At the other end of the spectrum, McLaren-Honda look set to break their relationship sooner rather than later, with Zak Brown issuing a warning stating that McLaren are at the end of their tether with the engine supplier.

“I don’t want to get into what our options are. Our preference is to win the world championship with Honda, but at some point you need to make a decision as to whether that’s achievable. And we have serious concerns.” – Zak Brown

McLaren have been struggling since the beginning of their relationship with Honda, claiming they could take podiums and wins within a short space of time, where in reality, they have been no where near the podiums, nor have they been consistent names in the points lists…. nor the finishers list actually!

Another question on Formula One fans’ minds, is whether Jolyon Palmer can turn his season around, following his poor start. He is being dominated by Hulkenburg in the standings, for both qualifying and the race, and has ended sessions in the wall on a few occasions. He has no points on the board at the moment, and though he came close in Monaco, this was arguably only possible thanks to the large number of retirements in that race.

Jolyon Palmer has had a concerning start to the Formula One season.

However, he has had unfortunate reliability on his car, and this, coupled with the bad luck that he has suffered, may be buying him more time at the Renault team. He needs a good, solid weekend in Canada, and a good performance against his Renault team-mate Hulkenburg, could provide such opportunity.

Lance Stroll is another driver who needs a solid weekend in Canada, he too has been suffering compared to his team mate, having failed to finish his first few races. His response to critics was admirable whereby he stated he found the abuse he was given, “funny”, when asked for his thoughts on the criticism he has received so far this calendar year.

However, Stroll has the backing of both the Williams Formula One Team, as well as the fans at his home Grand Prix this weekend, to perform to his capability and put this bad start to the season behind him. Though not the first to struggle in his rookie Formula One year, he needs to perform to his capability in order to have a successful season, and finally compete with his team-mate, Felipe Massa.

Joe Clark


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