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L&T Motorsports heads to the London Classic Car Show

A Classic car show should be all about some of history’s most decorated cars and the legends that have defined what the car world is today! This so was no exception, as they had some of the rarest most legendary cars on display, cars that as collectors items would cost millions of pounds. The exhibition hall was a display of automotive excellence and ingenuity, car makes from Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Aston Martin and many more! As well as conventional road cars you had some very nice old F1 cars from the golden 70s era, also some legendary Le Mans cars like the ford GT 40, Ferrari 250 GTO these two alone are worth well over £20 Million.

Also on display was some interesting old concepts such as this Vauxhall thing that looks like something Captain Kirk would drive!
It wasn’t just the classics on display either, some modern beauties were there too such as the Tesla Model X, Ferrari F12 tdf, and jaguar displayed a beautiful CX-75 and Prindiville displayed the holy trinity, yes it’s very rare to see these 3 together!
Some famous faces also made an appearance such as youtuber Shmee 150, Le Mans legends Derek Bell & Emanuele Pirro.

The show really did celebrate the best of history’s most incredible cars! Cars that changed the industry for what it is today, and it showed us a glimpse of what today has to offer, will we all be driving electric cars that sound like a fly? Who know’s but until then we can appreciate what the past has given us to hear and look at. Until next year London!

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