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L&T sits down with Bruce Jouanny

French Racing driver Bruce Jouanny started his international  racing career in British Formula Three, with front running team Promatecme. He progressed fast in the series: he was a race winner, and finished fourth in the championship. He then moved on to World Series By Nissan (which became Word Series By Renault) Bruce has also raced in the Le Mans Series, finishing 9th in the LMP2 class in 2009

Bruce is also an excellent driver coach, coaching rising stars such as Jazeman Jaafar, who is a Renault World Series winner and Asian Formula Three champion.

Bruce is now a presenter on Top Gear France

What is your earliest racing memory:

My first ever Go Kart race…it felt like a whole new experience, but it felt natural as well

What is your favourite track:

Suzuka even though I have never raced there. The other one would have to be Macau

Do you have a least favourite track:

I don’t have one as it creates bad memories

What is your best racing memory:

Winning my first F3 race in the UK. Brands Hatch 2002, with Team Promatecme. It was a difficult winter struggling to raise funds. And we had a tough start to the weekend. It was also the first race of the season. Lots of emotions…

And the worst racing memory:

A big crash that I had at Thruxton in 2001

What is your biggest/strangest fear:

I don’t think I have any fears so to speak

What is you biggest pet peeve:

When people around me, who I work with, aren’t pushing themselves to find the best out of themselves

What is your one annoying habit:

I triple check that I have my passport, phone, and wallet every time that I travel (which is often)

Do you get recognised in the street:

Since working on Top Gear France, yes it does happen more and more. I tend to smile and walk faster.

What languages can you speak:

French is my mother tongue, then after that English then Spanish

What would you do for a job if you weren’t a racing driver:

A surfer or a freeskier

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding in a road car:


What driver would you invite to a dinner party:

Andre Lotterer

What super power would you have:



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