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Lucas Orrock – Oulton Park Preview Q&A

Orrock has had one of the unluckiest starts to a Clio Cup season ever seen
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This weekend sees the Renault Clio Cup UK return at Oulton Park supporting the British Touring Car Championship. The series has always been a popular choice for both aspiring touring car drivers hoping to make their way up the ladder and fans on the stands and at home, with close racing and plenty of action.

This week I caught up with rookie Lucas Orrock who is competing in the series for the first time this year and talked to him about how he fared at Thruxton and what he took away from his first outing at the circuit as well as looking ahead to this weekend and his aspirations for the fourth round of the season.

Q: After the latest setback at Thruxton how do you feel? It must have been tough to take a third crash in three races.
Lucas Orrock: Very tough, I must admit I even began questioning my own resolve immediately after race 2 at Thruxton, I even had people say to me “I guess this is it for your season” but I keep going back to the same mindset. I much rather come last at every race for the rest of the season than I would give up after 3 races, maybe some people would have had enough if they were in my shoes, but they aren’t me. I still believe I have what it takes to compete at the front of this championship and no amount of setbacks will change my mind. Obviously with so many big accidents our budget for the season is being stretched but we have sold our old race car and trailer which has eased the pressure.

Q: How is the car? Are you using a fourth car in four races?
LO: We are using the same car as Thruxton, according to the team the damage wasn’t bad, so we have patched the car up and will press on.

Q: How have your sponsors handled the start to the season?
LO: I can’t fault both Weston Homes Plc and Milltek Sports attitudes towards what has happened. They have offered nothing but their outright support. I was on the phone just 2 days ago with Shaun Weston of Weston homes plc and one of the first things he said was “what can we do to help you get to where you deserve to be” simple acts like this speak volumes of the people I have supporting my racing.

Q: Other than your race 2 crash, how do you feel Thruxton went?
LO: Not great. It was the first time I had raced at Thruxton so other than the 2 test sessions it was a very new track but I really have no excuses, I drove poorly in qualifying making mistakes, it got slightly better in race 1 and we made up a few places but still lacked pace, we looked at data and I was positive we could do better in race 2 but obviously I didn’t get that opportunity!

Q: Do you feel a lot of your troubles have been caused by grid position? Being towards the back of the pack rather than the front leaves you much more vulnerable
LO: Absolutely, my current main focus is getting more speed out of myself and the car to get is further up the grid in qualifying and out of the incident collection zone.

Q: How are you feeling going into Oulton Park?
LO: I’m positive, I have much more experience at this track so there are no excuses. I’ll be aiming to have my best qualifying of the season and two solid races. Progress in every way is all I think about.

Q: What are you aims for this weekend?
LO: Qualify in the top 12, at least one race result in the top 10.

Despite everything that has happened to Lucas over the first three races it is a mark of his character that he refuses to give up and that he is ready to go once more. Read all about Lucas’ Thruxton weekend and his first three rounds here: Lucas Orrock – On A Role

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