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McLaren 720s! The Numbers Are Revealed!

Finally unveiled today at Geneva the 720s, the new super series from McLaren. We all know what it looks like after a leaked twitter picture last month but finally we have the stats and figures to see how competitive it is to the 488 and hurcan. The numbers then? oh yes they are impressive, McLaren have pulled it off again! First of all the engine has been increased to 4.0litre bi-turbo V8 with 720ps (off course), now has a new lightweight carbon fibre monocoque weighing in at just 1,283kg, that’s an impressive 561ps/tonne! 0-60mph is done in 2.8 seconds and it can keep going to 212mph and it can come to a stop again from 200kph in just 4.6 seconds.

So how does it do this? well McLaren have developed a new chassis control system that delivers highly efficient aerodynamics to cut through the air under high speed runs and cornering. New suspension system that is now power assisted to offer comfort in even the harshest of terrains, as well as active independent dampers, and brand new super light weight alloys to give the all round package.

The interior has had some new touches and finishes added too, an all new TFT crystal display for the driver and also a new 8.1inch touch screen for the centre that’s been needing a refresh for years, it now has apple and android carplay as well as a new navigation system which hopefully should actually work!. The design is also clearly thought out for the driver as everything is angled towards them, the passenger just has to make do with the noise and the rushing sensation of the car itself.
So the end result is a very pleasing and satisfying car indeed, i’d say watch out Ferrari, McLaren may soon be after you’s! so what about the price I hear you beg? Starts at just £208,600 and the first customer cars will be rolling out in May, not bad considering it’s McLaren’s “big boy” series.

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