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McLaren 720S pictures break cover

It seems like McLaren can do no wrong in their road car division at the moment, each one seemingly better than the last. More power, more tech, more aesthetics – the 720S is no different.

You may remember a poor quality image leaked a few weeks ago on social media which seemed to show the 650S successor, well squint no more, there seems to have been another ‘leak’ – this time of a fairly official looking image of the rear quarter of the car.

The two main features we can see are the upwards folding doors which meet at the center of the roof, (very cool), as well as a confirmed name for the car, 720S, which would seem to confirm it’s power output as well. We can also get a glimpse of the interior which looks sculpted and purposeful.

The rear end of the car is quite P1-esque with what looks like a very large folding wing.

McLaren have been consistently teasing aspects of the car such as the instrument cluster and some aero parts, so whether or not this ‘leak’ was really that is anyone’s guess.

The car is due to be revealed at the Geneva motor show on 7th of March and McLaren claim it has double the aerodynamic efficiency of the old car, as well as cooling being improved by 15 percent, sounds clever (and expensive!)

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