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McLaren agree deal to leave Honda for Renault

The long running story between McLaren, Honda and Renault seems to be at the end game with today’s announcement.

McLaren have announced they have reached an agreement with Honda to be released from their contract, allowing them to switch to Renault power from 2018.

The news was expected for a while now and when news broke at the weekend around Carlos Sainz moving to Renault the pieces started to fall into place.

The young Spaniard was a key part of the negotiations between all parties and was used as a sweetner from Toro Rosso to Renault to have the French manufacturer end their contract with the Italian team.

This will allow STR to take up Honda power from 2018 as well, allowing Honda to stay on the grid and thus giving them sufficient reason to agree the terms with McLaren to end the partnership.

All this allows Renault the space to supply McLaren as they were not keen on supplying four teams. The situation is a win win for all parties.

The relationship with McLaren and Honda has been a very public breakdown. Lead driver Fernando Alonso has been especially vocal of the engine even referring to it as a ‘GP2 engine’s at Suzuka, a track owned by Honda. It will see an end to three years of trying to regain glory years going back to the late 1980s with Senna and Prost at the wheel.

The move for Honda to Toro Rosso could also have a potential for Red Bull in future. Some in the paddock believe that if Honda strike on the formula to be competitive that it could see the parent team take up supply in future.

But the story might not end there. With the latest engine regulation change due in 2021 there is still rumour around that McLaren could make their own engines should it be viable for them to so

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