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McLaren Honda’s Engine Vibrations Cause Problems

Vibrations in the engine appears to be the reason for McLaren’s woes during pre-season testing.

McLaren have suffered with many problems throughout all eight days of testing. The team looked to be struggling to find the solution as the car seemed to be even more unreliable towards the end of testing with four break downs in the last two days.

They thought their main reason for all the breakdowns were electrical glitches. However, even when those parts were replaced the Honda engine was still lacking in power.

A large amount of time of Friday’s test was spent on identifying why the car was losing power.

McLaren changed many electrical components on their car to try and eliminate any possible problems.

The McLaren Honda has covered less laps than any other car in 2017 testing. Their fastest lap is almost three seconds slower than the fastest lap overall. McLaren have also used more engines than the maximum amount they can use throughout the season.

If the Honda engine still has the same problem then penalty points are on the cards for McLaren.

However, Sky Sports say that the cause for failures within the electric system is due to vibrations within the engine.

Fernando Alonso may have bad mouthed the Honda engine but team boss, Eric Boullier, is more optimistic. He said that the problem can be fixed and they will be in much better shape in time for the Australian Grand Prix.

With just two weeks until lights out in Melbourne McLaren will hope to get the Honda engine sorted in time.

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One thought on “McLaren Honda’s Engine Vibrations Cause Problems

  • 12/03/2017 at 3:17 PM

    Fernandos complaints are deserving . What is this, pretty much,the best driver on the grid, wants them to succeed, because he wants to succeed,and if Honda cannot balance a motor, wtf, are we for real here? Is this some back yard shop, fk no! Honda, get your shit together! I thought Eric was better than this, but, I think he has become as useless as they come.
    Zak ,what are you doing ? Are you a boss, or what! Are you not suppose to oversee everything. Do your job. Wasting all those days.
    Let’s see if they get their shit together.

    By the way, I am a racing tifoso. I want to see McLaren succeed. I want to see Alonso move up the grid. Period.

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