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McLaren release the MCL32 at Woking

McLaren have had a rough time in the last few years. The marriage between the Woking-based manufacturers and their Japanese engine suppliers hasn’t been as smooth as the times living in the memories of Formula 1 fans. 
A fresh start could jump start McLaren-Honda into the 2017 season and back towards the front of the field. With the line up coupling Fernando Alonso’s two world championships with Stoffel Vandoorne’s youth could become a winning combination. With Vandoorne at the wheel, you could say the future is bright at McLaren-Honda, but one thing is for certain, the future of McLaren will be orange. 

The MCL32 features a striking orange livery, coupled with black details. Unlike the Mercedes and Ferrari, there are no extra winglets, but the shark fin engine cover stretches back further towards the rear wing. There is a distinct empty space on the side pods of the car, potentially to make space for location-based sponsorship. However, all will become clear in March, when F1 will return at Melbourne. 
The nose of the car features a number of ‘gills’, different to the smooth features on the Mercedes and the interesting design of the Force India. In a season where aero will be king, it will be very interesting to see which features will become a constant throughout the teams, and which will become obsolete. 
‘Forward progress’ is on the mind of Zac Brown, and going into 2017, McLaren will be looking to build on the progress made between 2015 and 2016. 
Vandoorne looks to be excited for the new season and is looking to make progress into the new season, ‘Working with the engineers to bring the car towards the front of the grid’.
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Image: Sky Sports

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