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Mercedes debut shark fin in Barcelona

It came as a surprise that Mercedes did not appear to be sporting a ‘shark fin’ like the bulk of other teams at the launch of their car this year.

However, at testing in Catalunya today, their take on the feature broke cover.


Mercedes even seemed to joke about it’s addition since the launch, as you can see in the above tweet from the team. It further feeds the theory in my previous post (see this link), that Mercedes are toying with the other teams, or at the very least, holding something back – which is nothing new in motorsport, but does show some confidence in their design.

In contrast to many other teams, Mercedes had a large cooling duct at the top of the fin, which seems shorter than its rivals’ versions. The odd ‘t-wing’ remained on the car for the afternoon session.

Unsurprisingly, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton did top the lap timers with a reasonably low amount of laps compared to¬† its closest rivals.


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