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Minshaw and Keen make it Two in a Row

In an action-packed race that ended five minutes early, Phil Keen and Jon Minshaw took victory again in the #33 Barwell Motorsport. Post race time penalties saw the #51 Lana Racing take the second victory in the GT4 field for this season.

The rain that had dampened the track for the first race of the British GT season had vanished by time the green flag waved for the second time. All cars took to the grid for the second race apart from the #19 Century Motorsport GT3 Ginetta. It is unknown why the car did not start the race.

As they did it the first race earlier today, the whole grid got through the first corner cleanly. Keen repeated the impressive performance that Minshaw had produced in the first race by taking the lead from the #31 Team Parker Racing Bentley off the line.

Seb Morris had a horrific and incident-packed start to the second race. It started when a misfire off the line saw him fighting to recover positions in the opening laps. With a risky move up the inside of the #7 Team Parker Bentley, Morris made contact with his teammate, seeing the other car spin out and drop down the field. Morris picked up a drive-through penalty for the incident.

Once serving that penalty, he produced another dodgy and messy move to pass the #24 Macmillan AMR that saw him make contact with the Aston Martin as he passed. It was not long later that he managed to spin the #31 on his own and fell back down the pack. It was impressive that he recovered the Bentley to fifth before handing it over to Rick Parfitt Jr in the pit stops.

Although Keen had an impressive pace it was not as amazing as Minshaw’s performance from this morning. Keen could only manage to pull out an eight-second gap by the time he had to pit and hand the car over to Minshaw. The Barwell team left the pit stop as late as possible so Keen could have as much of an advantage on the field when he handed the car over to Minshaw. As they won the first race it meant they had a 15-second success penalty that meant they had to stop and hold the car for 15 seconds during their pit stop. However, the tactic worked perfectly as Minshaw brought the car out on track back in the lead of the race.

It was not a good day for the Team Parker Racing team this afternoon as the #7, after being tagged out by its teammate, was involved in an incident that caused a premature end to the second race. Whilst trying to pass through the GT4 traffic, Ian Loggie caught his rear tyre on the kerb trying to pass the#88 Team Abba with Rollcentre Racing. The car twitched into the side of the #88 and the two cars collided, careering straight into the tyre barrier. The #88 shot across the track where it came to a stop horizontally on the race track.

Due to so much debris on track and the repairs necessary to the tyre barrier the safety car turned into a red flag and early chequered flag, meaning the race finished under safety car conditions. This was a shame as a few battles for the lead of class were robbed from the spectators. Derek Johnston had climbed aboard the #1 TF Sport and was second with an eight-second gap to make up in the closing stages of the race, and the GT4 class was being battled for by five cars: the #501, #51, #29, #100, and #72.

It was the McLaren-running #100 team that lead the GT4 race by a short distance when the red flag was waved. However, the car found itself stripped of its victory as it was handed a time penalty for a short pit stop. the #72 fell under the same fate, meaning that the #51 crew of Alex Reed and David Pittard took victory for the second race of the day.

(image: BritishGT Facebook)

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