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Müller crowned champion in Texas

Sven Müller has won the Porsche Supercup title after Matteo Cairoli failed to win the race.

Cairoli needed to win at The Circuit of Americans with Müller failing to score.

Cairoli had a race long duel with Rookie Champion Mathieu Jaminet but was unable to pass the Frenchman for victory.

Jeffrey Schmidt finished third.

An aggressive start from Cairoli forced Jaminet to go defensive into turn one, almost resulting in contact.

Cairoli continued to attack on lap one but was unable to find a way past yesterday’s race winner Jaminet.

The Italian continued to duel for the lead with the heavy braking of turn 12 being his best opportunity to overtake.

It looked as though Cairoli had finally made a pass on lap 5 after a lung down the inside at turn one, but Jaminet hanged in their and retook the lead before turn 3.

A train of cars continued to pile up behind race leader Jaminet as the Frenchman continued to dictate the race.

Müller was slowly dropping through the field as Cairoli continued in his pursuit to take the lead.

Race leader Jaminet began to edge away from second placed Cairoli as the Italian began to see his championship hopes fade away.

Müller was down in eighth but would still take the championship as Cairoli was not leading.

Cairoli failed to find a way passed the impressive Jaminet as he took victory in the final round of the season.

Müller crossed the line in eighth and was crowned champion.



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