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Could the new 2017 regulations cause the DRS zones to be increased?

The DRS could have less of an impact this season according to the FIA, the new regulations have meant that the cars have more downforce which could prevent cars from running closer in the race.

The FIA have said that the DRS zones will have to be made bigger especially in China because the Shanghai International Circuit has more effective DRS zones.

Albert Park has very little DRS zones, so overtaking will be very tricky in the first race of the season. Extending the DRS zones could be beneficial in China but have very little impact in Australia.

Before the FIA make a decision on extending the DRS zones they need to analyse each track individual to judge if it would be worth extending the zones. The first race will give them valuable data on the amount of the drag the cars produce and whether cars can still overtake with these new regulations.

Mercedes’ engineering director Aldo Costa talks about the new regulations and the DRS zones. “We need to learn about the overtaking because this car is fundamentally different from an aerodynamic point of view. They have not been particularly studied for the overtaking improvement.”

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