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The New Lincoln Continental

Welcome America’s new luxury saloon! The new Lincoln Continental looks very nice, with a huge front grill, LED headlights, sleek low shaped roofline with large LED taillights and lots of lovely shiny bits of metal called chrome! The new Continental is said to be an “elegant, effortlessly powerful, serene sized luxury sedan that delivers quiet luxury to the industry’s most discerning customers” That’s what Lincoln say. It is a rather good looking car; it also displays some top luxury features.

The new continental is lighter, faster and more powerful than the previous one, with an all new 3.0litre twin turbo charged V6 that makes 400bhp and 400lb-ft of torque makes this barge a superfast barge! This has to be though as it’s entering a very tough market dominated by the big 3 Germans. The new Continental is heading to china and obviously America and possibly Europe for the first time although it’s not officially confirmed, if so however it will be a first for Lincoln. It will have to be very good to compete with the S-CLASS, 7-Series or A8.

The car has a new all-wheel drive system with a brand new torque vectoring to cut out body roll and make a more comfortable ride when going round tight bends, a drive control system with three driver modes, comfort, sport and normal (these modes should be pretty self-explanatory) is coupled with the new adaptive steering system that makes driving “effortless” apparently. Technology in the Lincoln is your usual, 360-degree camera for parking, collision assist with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control with stop & go traffic assist which is like the one in there Mercedes S-Class.

The interior of the Continental is very luxurious indeed, with more cow hide inside than a dairy farm, and lots of sleep veneer finishes from several different types of wood, to chromes, aluminium and even carbon fibre! The infotainment system includes that latest phone connectivity and a Revel audio system to blow your ears off especially with the noise cancellation technology that makes the car absolutely silent when driving. I Would say well played Lincoln it certainly looks the part! But can it now deliver the goods?


Euan Campbell

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