L&T Motorsport

New owners allow teams and drivers to use social media, but only for testing.

As F1 teams and drivers continue to develop their cars within the 1st week of pre-season testing, it was announced that they have been given permission to share videos on Social Media.

The news has come after the sports change in ownership with Liberty Media implementing their own style to make the sport more accessible for fans and the public.

Social Media is a great opportunity for teams and drivers to showcase the sport and the spectacle that it can bring. Usually pre-season testing is relatively inaccessible for fans, but Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will give people an insight into F1 like never before.

This change shows the relaxed nature of the new owners and how they are trying to expand the sport using social media as the first step.

The previous owners were not keen on the idea because it was not commercially beneficial for them to post videos online. Lewis Hamilton has been at the forefront of the social media revolution in Formula 1 but now it has been implemented by the hierarchy, more teams are beginning to utilise social media.

The rule only applies to the first week of testing but hopefully this will expand into the second week, and then for the rest of season. This has been well received by many fans who have felt isolated from the sport.

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