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With just under two weeks to go until the opening race of its third season, Formula E have revealed the layout for July’s New York ePrix double-header. The track at Red Hook will run around the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, affording spectators a fantastic view of the iconic Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

The course, which was revealed at a waterside press event last week, features two long straights running alongside Pier 11 and a range of corners to challenge the 20-strong field of drivers, including two hairpin bends and a fast-looking first sector. Race organisers have been able to capitalise on the “blank canvas” afforded to them by the terminal’s car park to create a more racetrack-like circuit than city streets usually allow, similar to the setup at Berlin’s Tempelhof circuit.

The announcement means Formula E has achieved what several high-profile race series, including Formula 1 and IndyCar, have failed to do by securing a race in the Big Apple. It also puts another high-profile location on the roster of host cities, which also sees Hong Kong and Montreal added this season. A race will be held in Africa, for the first time, with round two in Marrakesh.

Details of the circuits – and even of the host cities – are still to be confirmed for six of the fourteen rounds that make up the 2016/17 calendar. This isn’t unusual by the series’ standards, however, and with over four months separating the first and third races there is time for arrangements to be finalised before a run of ten rounds between April and July.

Over the closed season, Formula E have been keen to promote the debut of Jaguar Racing and the increased involvement of major manufacturers (including Audi and Nissan) as a sign that it is beginning to establish itself as a world-class racing series. This year will also see the start of the self-driving, all-electric support series, Roborace.


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