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Next-Generation Volkswagen Polo Spotted In The Wild!

What you see is not, in fact, a mk7 Golf. This is the brand new Polo, which we shouldn’t know about until Autumn, though this test car was snapped after being spotted without covers, in South Africa. It looks rather humble, sitting (currently) on a set of black steel wheels and simple gloss white paintjob, though a range of colours and appearance options will be available come the official reveal. The design of the vehicle is very alike the current, big brother Golf, with an almost identical front fascia, the car has porked up in terms of size compared to the outgoing vehicle, though thanks to lightweight materials, it’s actually lighter.

Courtesy of CarThrottle
From the rear the story is similar to the current car, though generally sharpened up for a more up to date appearance. Diesel Polos will potentially cease with this generation, a hybrid is being offered alongside a range of new engines and a GTI model will come about eventually, all according to the rumour mill. More in-depth information will be available whenever the car is officially launched, so hang on until then for much more on the new Veedub.
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