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Pagani’s Topless Hypercar!

Yes Pagani released photo’s ahead of it’s unveiling at the 2017 Geneva Motorshow the new Pagani Huayra Roadster, Oh my it looks beautiful! unfortunately like the SLS Roadster those gullwing doors are gone, aww I hear you say, but who cares when you have a 6.0litre AMG twin turbo V12 screaming through that 7 speed sequential gearbox! which by the way has been lightened with new carbon synchronisers with a hydraulic and electronic activation system along with a new ECU.

Much of this Huayra is based on the BC version launched last year which means the power is around 764bhp. they developed a special carbon chassis for the roadster in order to make it stronger and surprisingly stiffer than the original coupe. But Pagani worked with Pirelli with the tyre development for the roadster and what they came up with was a tyre that can with stand 1.8g of lateral force! also has that incredible esp system co-developed by Bosch that was first seen on the BC.

There are two roofs that come with the Roadster, the first is a lightweight carbon fibre one that makes it looks almost like a coupe and can be optioned with a glass panel to let more light in, the second is a fabric and carbon cover that can easily be installed in seconds with a few latches and can be stored in the front boot of the car. So the question is this, is this worth the £2 Million price tag!? yes that’s a lot, but expected since the LaFerrari Aperta was about the same price.

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