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Pat Symonds joins Sky F1 commentary crew

Former Williams F1 technical chief, Pat Symonds, has been announced as a new member of the Sky F1 commentary team for 2017.  Symonds will join Sky’s line up as a technical expert and will bring a wealth of motorsport engineering experience to the role, gained over 40 years in the business.

Including an expert of Symonds’ standing is a smart move by Sky in a bid to help viewers make sense of the new technical regulations for this year.  The complexity of the new aerodynamic rules in particular is an unknown quantity.  Some clues of what to expect are coming to light in pre-season testing in Barcelona, but we won’t know the impact of the new regulations for sure until the first race in Melbourne on 26th March. Symonds will be a key asset to the Sky team due to his knack for explaining complex technical issues into more accessible language – a must for both the knowledgable and casual viewer.

The announcement comes on the back of the recent news that Symonds is joining Cranfield University as a Visiting Professor, supporting academic teaching for MBA and Motorsport Engineering students.  His regular column in F1 Racing is a ‘must read’ for fans keen to get to grips with the technical world of Formula 1.

It’s encouraging to see there is life after Williams for someone of Symonds’ calibre. He has managed to carve out an interesting portfolio of work , one that allows him to continue making a technical contribution to the sport and bring his considerable expertise into our viewing and reading lives.


(Photo credit: Motorsport.com)

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