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The performance gaps need to be narrowed in F1.

Formula 1 has gone through a period in which engines have dominated the headlines, Mercedes have produced a dominate power unit which has won them three Constructors Championships. Mercedes have been completely dominate, largely due to their superior power unit this has been criticised for making the races predictable.

Many have called for the performance gap to be narrowed as it will create more exciting races and hopefully promote overtaking. As F1 head into a season that brings a raft of changes that switches the focus to aerodynamics rather than power units which have dominated proceedings.

Producing closer racing could be achieved by reducing the cost of racing in F1, this will attract more teams into the sport. F1 has become inaccessible for smaller teams, this is evident as Manor F1 were unable to find the funds to keep competing.

The sport has become too predictable with only two teams winning a race in 2016, this has caused a drop-in attendance at races. It would be very difficult to limit the teams on performance as all the teams are looking for an edge over their rivals. If the teams have similar performance, then this will create a more exciting sport and hopefully attract a new generation of Formula 1 fans.

As the sport is under new ownership, there could be a shift in direction on how the sport will be going but hopefully Liberty Media can create a more exciting spectacle for the fans. The new 2017 regulations have tried to create closer racing with a focus on aerodynamics rather than power units. But this could ultimately backfire as aerodynamics prevents cars from running closer but time will tell how the new owners can change the landscape of Formula 1.

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