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PERRINN Joins the 2018 LMP1 Fray

Rendering of Possible PERRINN LMP1 (Photo courtesy of Autoweek)

Add yet another pair of LMP1 Privateer cars as a possibility for the 2018 WEC season and Le Mans grid. The British firm PERRINN announced they had received an order for two chassis of its chassis earlier this week. 

This latest news comes after Ginetta had announced earlier this year they were fulfilling orders of up to six new LMP1 chassis for 2018 as well. 

The tally for potential LMP1 Privateers in 2018 looks like this; six Ginetta’s, two PERRINN’s, one ByKOLLES, and at least one SMP Dallara. A total of ten cars would double the current LMP1 field. 

PERRINN’s designer, Nicolas Perrinn, more and more Privateer teams are fielding LMP1’s opposed to LMP2’s because of the freedom in the LMP1 regulations. 

“Increased support and stability from the FIA and ACO, coupled with programmes from other manufacturers has meant we’ve had a lot of discussions with teams seeking more freedom than the new LMP2 category. LMP1 offers a route to progress from an engineering and pace point of view. In just a few short months, the programme has progressed very quickly to the point where we’ll have two cars plus enough spares to build another car within six months. We have ensured we have capacity to do more should some of our other discussions develop.”

It is unknown who the Privateer team is that will be fielding the PERRINN chassis. It is also unknown if the car is designed to be equipped with a hybrid system. Some have speculated Rebellion or Joest could be the purchasers. Perhaps the announcement will come ahead of Le Mans. 

With less than 30 days before the endurance classic, news will be coming fast on what the WEC’s future will hold. Stay tuned. Follow @rob_c_14 on Twitter for continued WEC news and coverage.

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