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Porsche’s “Exclusive” Turbo S

Meet a 500 limited run production 911 Turbo S that has 607bhp and 750Nm of torque capable of propelling this beauty from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and takes just 9.6 seconds to get to 120mph and keeps going until 205mph! impressive right? It still uses the biturbo 3.8litre flat 6 cylinder, it just has an “exclusive” power kit to give it that extra kick. Now being an “exclusive” edition it gets some unique features so you can displace it from any other ordinary 911 Turbo.

So for starters there is “exclusive” 20-inch wheels with golden yellow metallic paint using a new laser technology and they do look stunning!  The comes with standard the active sports chassis, the sports chrono package, and Porsche’s dynamic chassis control which improves the stability and handling of the car, it also comes with and exclusive golden metallic yellow paint finish as well as carbon fibre components that aren’t usually a standard feature. Being an “exclusive” the word is slapped on as many items Porsche seen fit to add it too, as well as a dedication plate with the number of the car on the passenger’s side to highlight it’s “exclusivity”.

The interior features exclusive matching gold stitching and lots of carbon fibre décor and alcantara headlining stitched in gold off course. This is all part of a new beginning for Porsche as they are starting their own in house personalisation brand to give customers freedom to let them custom design the car how they like it. The brand is called “Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur” and promises to bring more bespoke Porsche’s in the near feature with customers giving the chance to create limited run models of their own. The cost of this “exclusive” Turbo S will be around £230,000! Ouch I’d rather buy a McLaren 720s for that sort of money! But it is after all “exclusive”

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