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Range Rover Velar, The Best Looking SUV To Date?

Land Rover have just unexpectedly stunned the SUV community with this brand new beautiful Range Rover! The Velar is a brand new model that sits between the Evoque and the Sport, and is Land Rovers rival to the Porsche Macan, Maserai Lavanti and possibly the Jaguar F-Pace. It has the same shape as a Range Rover Sport but that’s where the similarities end, as it features a brand new front and rear end never seen before, with new LED headlights and taillights as well as flush new door handles that come out like a Tesla when you walk up to it.
Oh my it is beautiful, it’s very sleek and sport’s car’ish looking but it still maintains that SUV presence when on the road, with huge diamond cut alloys and a whole host of colours for the car and roof with even some premium carbon fibre if you wish. The best thing of this new car is no one even knew Land Rover were developing it, they actually managed to keep it a secret until it’s unveiling, and these days that’s a rarity.
The interior of the car still looks the same but does have some key differences, the main one is the brand new 10inch touchscreen that looks sleeker and is faster more responsive, also new controls for the aircon and seats that is just a clear touch glass panel that looks stunning and futuristic, comes with a new 1600 watt meridian speaker system.

Engines include two 4 cylinder diesels with high torque making 180 and 240ps respectively and a petrol 4 cylinder making 250ps that does 0-60 in 6.4 seconds, there will also be a 300ps petrol coming out later on in the year, there are also two premium engines one 3.0litre V6 diesel with 700Nm of torque and one supercharged V6 petrol which will sure be a winner for the enthusiasts. It also still comes with superb off road capabilities if need with Range Rovers all-terrian system seen in the big range rover sports, even though 98% of owners never will, it’s still an amazing playing card to tell your mates down at the pub!
The Velar will be available from summer 2017 at a starting price of just £44,830! yes the Macan starts at £1,000 less but it’s not a Range Rover is it? I mean let’s be honest they have the most experience when it comes to comfortable luxury SUV’s, most folk would buy a Sport over Cayenne right? Land Rover also promise it to be “the best handling SUV yet” well lets hope so as this new Velar looks a very appetising prospect for the sub SUV world, and defiantly one to watch! Lets hope it can deliver.


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