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Red Bull Launch the RB13

By Alice Holloway

The Red Bull RB13, one of the most anticipated cars on the 2017 grid, has today been released. Red Bull release a short two minute video showing the new car on their twitter account. Not a lot of the car can be seen in the video and no further images have been release. It seems that more details will be revealed from the Milton-Keyes team during the first test starting tomorrow.  

The heavy dependence on aerodynamics that the new 2017 regulations put on the cars leaves Red Bull in a place where they are expected to excel. Aerodynamic genius Adrian Newey was responsible for a lot of the unnoticed aerodynamic features that aided Red Bull through their dominant period. As expected, the RB13 has gone down an interesting route that no other team has followed. 

As stated above, the team are clearly keen to keep as many of their ideas hidden until the last possible moment. However, what can be seen is Red Bull’s approach to the fin that has appeared on so many of the 2017 cars. 

Red Bull look to have opted for a half fin. It does not look as big as the fins that are on other cars but, unlike Mercedes and Williams, there is definetly a fin on the back of the Red Bull car. It will be interesting to see how this aero kit fares against those opting to have a full fin or no fin at all. 

Daniel Ricciardo is already impressed with the changes the new regulations have made to the cars, believing they look more imposing this year. 

“It looks quite beautiful,” he said in reference to the RB13. “It definitely looks sleek.

“They look like the fastest cars in the world. That was the impression I got.”

Max Verstappen was also impressed wth the aggressive look of this year’s challengers and the RB13. “The car looks very aggressive.

“Hopefully when it looks that aggressive it will be fast, but we still have to wait and see.”

Just Toro Rosso and Haas remain in revealing their 2017 cars. The field take to the track for the first pre season test of the new season tomorrow at Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona.

Image and quotes: Autosport

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