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Red Bull’s Upgrade Larger Than Expected?

This weekend sees round 5 of the 2017 Formula One calendar, and for Red Bull in particular, it cannot come quickly enough.

Their poor start to the 2017 campaign sees them sitting third in the Constructors standings, but they are 78 points behind Ferrari, and 79 points behind Mercedes. As for their drivers, Daniel Ricciardo sits in 6th on just 22 points, and his team mate Max Verstappen sits in 5th on 35 points. Both drivers 51 and 64 points behind Championship leader, Sebastian Vettel.

Red Bull have been stating that they were going to be bringing a lot of upgrades to their RB13 car for the Spanish Grand Prix, with fans and the team alike hoping it will bring somewhat of a revival for their poor start to the season.

Will Buxton clearly believes that Red Bull are going to be bringing not just their RB13 B spec car, but so many upgrades that it might as well be named the RB14. Perhaps this is going to be a move to rid themselves of the ’13 is unlucky for some’ tag that they promoted at the beginning of the season at the launch of their car.

Adrian Newey is renowned for his brilliance in aerodynamics following leading Red Bull to 4 consecutive championships recently, and Red Bull will be hoping for some more of his magic for the remainder of the season in order for the two way team battle at the front of the grid to become a three way battle.

Meanwhile, Force India boss Bob Fernley this week has targeted the Red Bull for third in the Constructors as they are bringing their own upgrades to the Spanish Grand Prix.

“If everything works to plan from Barcelona, that’s where can reassess it” Fernley explained when asked if Red Bull can be a realistic target for the weekend.

Either way, Red Bull are a team that should be looking forwards and not backwards, and they will be hoping the RB13 B spec / RB14 will be a hit that will propel them back to fighting at the front of the pack.


Joe Clark


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