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Renault Clio Cup : Coates finishes on a high despite Quali damages

Max Coates finishes Round 7 & 8of the Renault Clio Cup on a happy note aiming to get into top 3.


The Ciceley Motorsport driver narrows his gap with P3 sitter Lee Pattinson to just 14 points. He has also helped the Ciceley team to target a top spot in the championship.


Coates started the first qualifying on a decent traction securing P8 on the grid for Round 7 at the Oulton Park. He was 1.496 seconds off the Pyro pole sitter Mark Bushell.


It was different fortunes in Q2 however, this was for the 8th round of the Cup. Max started a hot lap which put him in P7, 1.685 seconds off the pole. The session was again dominated by Pyro motorsport.


At Lodge Corner of the Oulton Park, Jack McCarthy slipped off track and went straight into Max Coates’ Renault Clio. The collision impaired both the cars and demanded immediate repairs in order for Max to start the race on the grid.


The Races:

Kudos the mechanics at Ciceley Motorsport,  Max was able to start the race on the grid. Supercharged with heavy adrenaline,  Coates charged for P6 and eventually got it.


In the closing laps he came under heavy pressure from PP Motorsport/Westbourne’s James Colburn who was charging through to seventh from the back of the grid. Max was able to deny him the opportunity.



Following the stable outcome from Round 7,  Max was determined to get a concurrent position in Round 8. The race started with collision between James Dorlin and Nathan Harrison, the nasty crash made the race direction red flag the race.  Upon the restart,  Max charged for P4 but was distracted again by Lee Pattinson for his position. Determined as he was the Ciceley driver held him till the chequered flag.



The weekend has brought Max Coates very close to aiming 3rd in the championship. He will certainly look forward on grabbing the position in the next double header!

(Image: plasgranltd.co.uk)

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