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Renault Clio Cup: Max Coates learns from a bad weekend

Max Coates’ troublesome weekend drops him 5th from title rivalry. The Ciceley driver could only finish one race in points as the ultimate race forced him to retire on start. Thruxton weekend now limits him on 110 points in the British series. 



L&T Motorsport’s sponsored driver Max Coates ended the weekend in mixed feelings. The qualifying started on Saturday with Mike Bushell setting a record pole, which allowed him the front row benefits for both races.


The 23 year old managed 10th and 12th for Sunday’s race. This added to the excitement of his rival Mike.


However,  Max was able to start the opening race on a high note which escalated him two positions ahead. He was racing to the top but was later  caught between the battle for 7th with Pyro’s Nathan Harrison and Jack McCarthy,  thereby losing the valueable time gained earlier. The battle was eventually won by Nathan Harrison with Max edging over Jack McCarthy.


There was time for Max to relax and strategies his techniques for a holeshot in the ultimate race of the weekend. The formation lap saw him all the more confident to win the positions back he lost in the qualifying.


Lights were off and Max revved up his Clio to get passed of those in front but unfortunately that ended him tangling with Sam Osborne, JamSport’s Lucas Orrock and MRM’s Brett Lidsey. The race had to be stopped eminently. Max went into the pits but couldn’t make it to the grid on restart. The damages sustained by his Renault Clio were far too difficult to be repaired in time. The race was won by James Dorlin fighting the pole sitter Mike Bushell.


Max Coates reflects the weekend as an experience and thrives to come back strong in the championship at Oulton Park on 21st May.


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(Featured Image: Renault Clio Cup)


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