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Renault to introduce new ERS system for 2017

Renault F1 has confirmed a radical change to its engine and ERS system in time for the 2017 season.

The French manufacturer is making the change with the intention of improving performances. The engine supplier has struggled since the new hybrid systems were introduced and believes that they have reached the end of the development potential of the current system. Managing director Cyril Abiteboul has offered more details about the changes, six weeks before it runs for the first time in pre season.

“This year we want to confirm the turnaround of the situation on the engine,” he said at Autosport International.

“Last year was really fantastic, and we need to confirm that.

“We are going to have an all-new architecture on the internal combustion engine, and also be introducing for the first time the second generation of Energy Recovery System.”

While the ERS system has not been lacking recently Abiteboul still feels there are plenty of gains to be found with packaging, coolant and weight that can benefit the system. He did mention that the MGU is producing the maximum 120KW available so further improvements would come from other aspects of the engine.

The changes come against a back office change that has seen Renault work closer with sister brand Infiniti which now deploys engineers on a technology transfer deal. It has also meant Renault no longer has to outsource work on its systems and has been able to bring it all in-house This brings an end result of a quicker turnaround and more control over the end product as well, thus benefiting performance.

The French team also provide Red Bull and Toro Rosso and changes would help these teams as well. Renault started the decade with four back to back championship with Red Bull and have be apart of 12 constructor’s championship wins either as a fully fledged manufacturer or as an engine supplier and will be looking to get back into the winners circle as soon as possible to break the dominance of Mercedes over the last three seasons.

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