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Road Safety Charity Is Trying To Increase Stopping Distances

A road safety charity is trying to tell the government to increase the stopping distances listed in the highway code! Now everyone here knows that the stopping distances listed in the highway code are an absolute joke, why? Well because modern brakes have become so good these days that it takes the same stopping distance at 60mph quoted in the highway code when your doing 120mph!

But it’s not the braking distance they want to increase, it’s the thinking distance because they say that we are all too distracted to react properly to an incoming dangerous situation, a spokesmen for the charity said “These figures suggest stopping distances taught to new drivers in the Highway Code fall woefully short. Even though car braking technology has improved in recent years, the majority of the overall stopping distance at most speeds is actually made up of the time taken to perceive the hazard and react”.

I personally think they should decrease the braking distance first as according to the highway code we still live in the 60s driving Ford Anglia’s! it’s not good enough and regards to thinking time, I don’t see any evidence that suggests it needs to be changed otherwise, yes we have lots of distracting technology in the cars and on our personal but wether it should be increased or not, is a basis that should be properly looked into first.

Euan Campbell

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