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Rosberg might return to F1 as a Ferrari driver : Wolff

The Mercedes boss thinks that the German took an early decision due to exhaustion and might return as a rival driver.


2016 was a year dominated by Mercedes-AMG Petronas. A one team domination is not a F1 fan would ask for but it’s two drivers made it one of the best seasons to watch.


The arch rivals Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton juggled throughout the season for the possession of WDC lead. The championship went to the last round where Rosberg won his first F1 World Title!


“I think when he took the decision to retire it was because it was just too much,” the Mercedes boss said.


“It was a very stressful year against probably the best driver in F1 and he felt, at that stage, exhausted. That is how he appeared to me.”, he added.


“But he is 31 years old, if he is unlucky, he has another 70 years to go in his life!
I wouldn’t be surprised if he changes his mind in a year and reappears in a Ferrari! Or somewhere else.”


Rosberg retired after winning the title stating that his ultimate goal has been achieved but didn’t clarify future opportunities in or outside F1. Sebastian Vettel holds a contract with Ferrari next year but the Italian team hasn’t announced the future with Kimi Raikkonen, this could become a potential opportunity for Rosberg.


Although he holds the position of Ambassador at the Silver Arrows team but it would be exciting to see him return in Red Boots!



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