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Ross Brawn to Replace Ecclestone?

Ross Brawn, the former F1 technical director and team owner, has been linked with a move to replace Bernie Ecclestone as the CEO of the Formula One Group. According to some sources Brawn, 61, has already signed the deal with Liberty Media, the new owners of F1, but when this will be officially announced is anyone’s guess.

Another day, another rumour in the crazy world of Formula 1.

Is this a likely move?

With Jean Todt at the helm of the FIA there is no doubt that this is a possibility as Jean knows Brawn very well from their time at Ferrari. Brawn’s also stated that he would return to F1 but only if he is involved in improving the sport and this role would undoubtedly give him that opportunity. Add all of that to the fact that he’s been fishing for the past three years and must be getting bored, I honestly believe that he’d be interested in the role.

But what about the man he’d be replacing?

Bernie has basically run Formula 1 for the last twenty years and has been actively involved with the decision-making for the last forty. However, he’s getting on a bit, he’s 86 now and all the traveling around the world must be taking its toll on the man.

Despite what many say about Bernie if he left the sport now he’d be doing so with it in a lot better state than he joined it. He’s overseen the sport going from a deadly activity that happened somewhere every now and again to one of the top events on television.

Is this a good move?

Ross Brawn was one of F1’s most important figures for nearly twenty years and success non-coincidentally followed wherever he went. In his time with Benetton the team won a constructors’ championship and Schumacher won two drivers’ titles. In his time with Ferrari the team won six consecutive constructors’ titles and Schumacher won five straight drivers’ titles. You see what I’m getting at.

If Ross is half as good as the F1 CEO as he has been in his previous roles in the sport he’ll be a success. The man knows the sport inside and out and if you’ve seen some of his strategy calls you’d know he has unrivaled foresight. I struggle to see a better candidate for Bernie’s replacement.

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